Frequency Reserved

            108.000 -117.975 MHz

            118.00 to 136.00 MHz


            For safe and smooth flying in the sky

            Landing of an aircraft

            To communicate with air to air, air to ground and also ground to air

            Spectrum is also needed in the aircraft and ground station for internal communication.


As per Radio Regulation of ITU, 960.00 MHz to 1215.00 MHz spectrum is used for measuring the distance and to align the aircraft with the right track in the air.

At present BTRC has given the scope to use the aeronautical band to 39 local and foreign organizations.


Maritime Radio Service

HF and VHF bands are reserved for maritime services.

2182 kHz and 156.800 kHz frequencies are reserved for Distress Call and Safety Services in Maritime operations.

As carries frequency

4116 KHz and 8207 KHz (3 KHz each) in the HF band, 156.325 MHz and 157.375 MHz (25 KHz)

            Each under VHF band are used as carrier frequency.


Nowadays, communication between coastal stations and ocean going ships are mostly done by the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS), a state of the art technology.

Radio Equipment License for Maritime and Aeronautical Service

  • New License Issuing –

–     Particular documents with application is required to issue radio equipment licenses of ships & airplanes.

  • Existing License Renewal –

–      Licenses are renewed every year after paying renewal charges