A mobile phone (also known as a cellular phone, cell phone, and a hand phone) is a device that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link while moving around a wide geographic area. It does so by connecting to a cellular network provided by a mobile phone operator, allowing access to the public telephone network.

2G Cellular Mobile Service

According to NFAP, spectrum of 900 MHz & 1800 MHz bands are allocated for second generation mobile service. At present five operators are providing this second generation mobile service by GSM technology. Amongst these, Airtel is providing their 2G service in ITU declared E-GSM band (900 MHz). Spectrum assigned to five operators who are providing services in GSM technology is shown below:

Besides, spectrum is assigned to one CDMA operator in 800 MHz as follows:

Name of the operator

Frequency assigned in CDMA 800 MHZ

Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited

8.82 MHz


It is to be mentioned that 15.60  MHz spectrum have been emptied from GSM 1800 MHz band after rearrangement. This spectrum can now be assigned in favor of a new operator and thereby government  can earn significant amount of revenue.

3G/4G/LTE Cellular Mobile Phone Service

According to ITU Radio Regulation and NFAP, 698 – 806 MHz, 2500 – 2690 MHz and 1920 -1980 / 2110-2170 MHz frequency bands are reserved for 3G/ 4G/ LTE services. Inorder to materialize the dream 'Digital Bangladesh', and to implement ’Vision  2021’ it is necessary to make voice and data service make available at the door step of general people. 3G/ 4G/ LTE are the means to make voice and data service available to distant population of the country. In this regard 3G frequency has already been assigned to the state owned GSM operator Teletalk. Our honourable prime minister Sheikh Hasina inaugureted the 3G service of Teletalk this year. BTRC has taken initiatives to start this service among all the operators. An auction for 3G frequency will be held by the year 2013 and after that frequency will be assigned to winners. 

Cellular Mobile Operator licensing procedure

1.      The applicant has to submit Application for Cellular Mobile Services Operator License to the Legal and Licensing Division prescribed application form duly filled in, signed and sealed, together with all the necessary documents and information indicated in the application information instructions. The application form and all supporting documents must be in English. In the event that any document is in another language, then an English translation, certified as to its accuracy by a duly qualified translator, must be provided together with a copy of the document in the original language. All copies of original documents e.g. certificates of incorporation, must be certified as true copies by a notary public. Such notary public may be admitted in Bangladesh.

2.     The application will be signed only by the applicant or applicant's authorized   personnel. The Commission reserves the right to reject the application, if it is found that the information or documents provided for in this application are untrue, inaccurate or incomplete or for any other reasonable cause whatsoever.The Commission will decide the eligibility of the applicant and also licensing procedure either auction or others.

3.      Application Fee: The licensee will pay all the required fees and charges i.e. application fee taka 1,00,000/ (One lac) only in the form of pay order/bank draft) issued from any scheduled bank of Bangladesh, in the favour of the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, which is non-refundable, as the application form charge to apply in the prescribed application form available in the office of the Commission.

4.      After awarding License, The licensee shall have to obtain separate Radio Communications Equipment license for spectrum use from the Commission. For obtaining the license, the Licensee shall have to apply through an application for frequency to the Chairman of BTRC in his/her organization’s letterhead pad along with the copy of issuing license and necessary documents. Application fee for spectrum shall be applicable to the Licensee.

5.      Application Fee for the Spectrum: The application fee for Spectrum shall be Taka 50,000/-(Fifty thousand only) in the form of pay order/bank draft in favour of the Bangladesh telecommunication Regulatory Commission.

6.      Thereafter, it is placed to the Spectrum Management Committee (SMC) for their opinion. The SMC recommends the proposal to the commission. The commission reserves all the rights and sole responsibility of assigning spectrum to the licensee either auction or others.

7.      Spectrum Assignment fee: The spectrum assignment fees for Cellular Mobile phone operator License will be Tk. 150 crore (One hundred and fifty crore only) per MHz of GSM 1800MHz and EGSM band access frequency, Tk. 150 crore (One hundred and fifty crore only) per MHz of 900MHz band and Tk. 150 crore (One hundred and fifty crore only) per MHz of 900MHz of CDMA 800MHz band access frequency. Market competition factors based on market share of the cellular Mobile Phone operators shall be applicable in determination of spectrum assignment fees. The above assignment fees shall be multiplied by the market competition factors (As per guideline).

The licensee, after the payment of the spectrum assignment fee, shall pay annual spectrum fees for both Access and Micro wave frequencies according to the formula and have to be paid within stipulated time. The due amount may be paid within 60(Sixty) after the due date by paying late fee at the rate of 15 % (Fifteen percent) per annum as compensation to the Commission. If the amount is not paid within the 60 (Sixty) days as stipulated, necessary action shall be taken by the commission as per provisions of the license and the act.

8.      Revenue Sharing:

i) A sum equivalent to 5.5% (Five point five percent) of the annual audited gross revenue of the License shall be paid by the Licensee to the Commission on a quarterly basis within the first 10 (Ten) days at the end of each quarter in advance.

ii) A sum equivalent to 1.0 %( one percent) of the annual audited gross revenue of the licensee, Shall be paid by the licensee to the commission for social obligation fund on a quarterly basis within the first 10 (Ten) days at the end of each quarter in advance.

iii) The above gross revenue sharing shall be paid on a quarterly basis within the first 10(Ten) days at the end of each quarter. The total amount shall be reconciled on an annual basis based on the  licensee’s audited account for that year and if there has been any underpayment the balance must be paid within 90 (Ninety) days of the financial year–end by the licensee. In the event of any over payment by the licensee, the licensee may adjust any excess amount against quarterly payments with the approval of the commission in the next year.

9.      Revenue sharing of international phone calls: Operator shall share revenue of international incoming and outgoing phone calls. International incoming and outgoing call termination rates shall be determined and reviewed from time to time by the commission.

10. Annual spectrum fees and charges:

i) The spectrum charges (Excluding VAT & Tax) shall be calculated using the formula (As per guideline).

ii) Short term charges for new microwave links   depending on date of installing will be applicable (As per guideline).

11. License Renewal Fee: The commission shall notify the applicant in writing of its decision of applicant’s license renewal and ask for the payment of Tk.10, 00, 000, 00.00/ (Ten crore only) in the form of pay order or draft issued from any scheduled bank of Bangladesh in the favour of the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission as license renewal fee within 15(Fifteen) days of such notification.


Information for Application of No Objection Certificate (NOC) for Import of Radio Equipments

The following documents are required for NOC:

a)  For Prior permission:

        1. Forwarding letter (in organization’s Letter Head Pad).

        2. Catalog/Brochure.

        3. List of equipment (Brand name, Model no, Qty).

        4. Proforma Invoice

b)  For Customs Clearance:

       1. Forwarding letter (in organization’s Letter Head Pad).

       2. Copy of prior permission (attested).

       3. Master Air Ways Bill (MAWB) (attested).

       4. Copy of Commercial Invoice (attested).

       5. Copy of packing list (attested).