Engineering and Operations (E&O) Division deals with the standardization aspect in the telecommunication sector. This division plays the key role in BTRC to ensure effective and smooth operation of different types of telecom operator according to the licensing guideline. This division regulates interconnection among the telecom operators and resolves interconnections disputes. It monitors and ensures technical implementation of the licensing guidelines. The E&O Division monitors   and analyzes the bandwidth utilization of ANS & Gateway operators. This Division issues NOC for non-radio equipment and technically assists the Commission in revenue assurance aspect. E&O division also analyzes and determines telecommunication indicators for Bangladesh.

E&O division assigns National Signaling Point Code (NSPC). It monitors the telecommunication infrastructure development in the country and ensures proper implementation of Infrastructure Sharing Guidelines to enable optimum use of available telecom resources.

Engineering and Operations (E&O) Division has three directorates: