What is BTRC?

The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) is an independent commission founded under the Bangladesh Telecommunication Act, 2001 (Act # 18 of 2001). The BTRC is responsible for regulating all matters related totelecommunications (wirecellularsatellite and cable) of Bangladesh. The BTRC started operating from the 31 January 2002.

What kinds of services will require a license from BTRC?

Licenses shall be required for providing the following services:-

(a) Public Switched telephone Service (PSTN)

(b) Cellular Mobile Phone Services

(c) Satellite Mobile Phone Services. (GMPCS)

(d) National Long Distance Service

(e) Overseas Telecommunication Service

(f)  Internet Data Communication Service (ISP)

(g) Data Communication Service

(h) VSAT services

(i) Paging Services.

(j) Radio Trunking services.

In addition to the above  services the Commission may bring any other services within the purview of licensing requirement as and when it considers necessary.

Who can apply for a license?

Subject to the provisions of sections 36 of the Act 2001 a person who is eligible and who fulfils the conditions and set criteria having sufficient technical and financial capabilities may apply to the Commission for license in prescribed form with all necessary documents within the time notified. Application, not fulfilling the set criteria and/or not accompanied with necessary documents shall be rejected outright.

How does an operator apply for a license?

In order to obtain a license for operating telecommunication services in the country, the intending operator shall submit an application to the Commission  in such form, in such manner and with payment of such fees as prescribed by the Commission. All relevant information, papers and documents required by the Commission for the purpose shall have to be attached along with the application


When is a license cancelled?

The Commission may on the occurrence of any event contrary to the terms and conditions of the license, provisions of Telecom Act or any other relevant rules and regulations, suspend or cancel the license. In case of cancellation, the offender will be barred from obtaining a new license for 5 years.

What does an operator have to do in order to surrender a license?

A licensee can surrender a license by giving 30 days notice to BTRC and telecom service provider and clearing dues and obligations if any.