From the very beginning government owned Bangladesh Telecommunications Company limited (BTCL) is serving as a PSTN operator all over Bangladesh. In 2004-2005 thirteen organizations have been given PSTN licenses. Among them some are operating as zonal wise. The main purposes of PSTN services are to strengthen voice and data communication services so that people can get benefits from it. Except it, another purpose of this service is to send fixed phone services to doorsteps of common people. Spectrum had been assigned from CDMA-800 MHz, CDMA-1900 MHz, GSM-1800 MHz and 700 MHz band in favor of PSTN operators.

PSTN operator’s Spectrum assignment procedure

First of all applicant is to apply to the Spectrum Division in the commission approved application form after making payment in favor of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission. It is to be mentioned that applicant is to avail PSTN License from Legal and Licensing Division, BTRC before applying to Spectrum Division for spectrum assignment. After that basing on Bangladesh Telecommunication Act-2001­, and National Frequency Allocation Plan (NFAP) spectrum is assigned. First of all, Spectrum Management Committee recommends to commission regarding spectrum assignment. Then commission decides to assign the said spectrum in the applied band. Moreover, it is to be noted that commission has exclusive authority for allocation, renewal, suspension and cancellation of radio spectrum frequency as well as determination of fees and charges arising out of such allocation of spectrum frequency.

Functions of Spectrum Division with PSTN operators

  • Providing BTS’s location
  • Resolving interference issues
  • Resolving cross boarder co-ordination and cross boarder interference issues
  • Issuing demand notes to collect revenue
  • Issuing No Objection Certificate (NOC) for mobile phones, specialized CPE and dongles
  • Providing import permission, customs clearance of radio equipments which are to be used in the assigned frequency. Except it, re-export permission of radio equipments are to be issued in case of experimental usage. 

Information regarding No Objection Certificate to import Radio equipments (NOC)

The following documents are required to be submitted for NOC

1.  For prior permission

a)     Application in respective organization’s letterhead pad

b)    Radio equipment’s catalog/ Technical specification/Brochure

c)     Proforma invoice

d)    List of equipments

2.  For customs clearance

a)     Application in respective organizations letterhead pad

b)    Prior permission’s copy (attested)

c)     Airway bill

d)    Commercial invoice

e)     Packing list