Spectrum Management Committee recommends to the Commission for assigning frequency from different bands to various organizations. Upon recommendations, the Commission has assigned frequencies to mobile operators, PSTN operators, Broadband Wireless Access service providers, satellite TV channels, Aeronautical and Maritime communications, Private Mobile Radio (Walkie Talkie), Internet Service Providers and Government organizations. In addition, Commission has cancelled some unused assignments which were sanctioned earlier to different organizations.

  •  Spectrum Management Directorate does the following works:
  •  Spectrum Planning.
  •  Spectrum Assignment.
  •  Spectrum pricing and issuing D/N.
  •  Frequency revalidation.
  •  Issuing NOC for importing radio equipments.
  •  Issuing import permission of the mobile handsets.
  •  Issue Amateur Radio, TV, FM Radio and Community Radio License.
  •  Issue Maritime, Aeronautical License and Radio Equipment Importer & Vendor Enlistment Certificate.
  •  Making recommendations on the various issues related to International Telecom Union (ITU).


Services of Spectrum Management directorate: