Quality of Service is defined in ITU-T Recommendation E.800 as “the collective effect of service performances which determine the degree of satisfaction of a user of the service”. Therefore QoS provides an indication of what the customers experience when using the network. Recently it has been observed that some operators are not maintaining the quality of service properly. Some operators are not monitoring network performance regularly from network monitoring terminals or from field survey via benchmarking. As a result QoS is degrading as network traffic is increasing. For the customer satisfaction it has become obligatory to maintain the QoS benchmark for all operators.


BTRC acts as a regulator and intends to benchmark the quality of service (QoS) in order to assess performance, gaps to improve the quality of service of different operators. The Commission serves to provide a yardstick for comparison of QoS of different service providers and by publishing such information; it will help a discerning customer to select his/her operator.  This would also help an environment of healthy competition among the service providers.

Quality of Service (QoS) Standards

BTRC in a process to finalize QoS standards intended for the Operators in QoS directives.

The performance of service providers against the Quality of Service benchmarks is to be reported to BTRC through a Monthly Monitoring Report in first week of every month. BTRC may publish this report’s summary in its web site.

BTRC may, if required,  direct any of its staff or an agency appointed by the Commission for the purpose to inspect or to audit the records maintained by the Operators against each parameter under the QoS directive or to get such records inspected or audited to ensure compliance of the provisions of the directive at any time.                               

BTRC, if necessary may cross-check the report given by the operators by its own benchmarking tools or terminals.  An administrative fine & legal action may be imposed for the violation of any of the provisions of the QoS directive.