Issuance of Radio Equipment Importer and Vendor Enlistment Certificate

The number of mobile phone active users in 12 countries of the world is more than 100 million. Bangladesh is one of them. The total user of mobile phone reached 105.051 million at last of June 2013. As a result, importer of mobile handset increasing day by day. For import the mobile phone handset importers are given ‘Radio Equipment Importer and Vendor Enlistment Certificate’ by spectrum division. By ‘Radio Equipment Importer and Vendor Enlistment Certificate’ mobile phone handset/others Radio Equipment importers are registered. By ‘Radio Equipment Importer and Vendor Enlistment Certificate’ enlisted/registered importers get permission for import all Radio Equipment like HF, VHF, UHF, Walkie-Talkie, Base/Repeaters, Cellular Mobile Phone, Fixed Wireless Phone etc.

Till now 1200 importers are given ‘Radio Equipment Importer and Vendor Enlistment Certificate’. For National security and public value, Spectrum Division takes necessary steps to insure the correct IMEI number and standard mobile phone handset import and usage. "Type Approval for Mobile Phone Handset Import" process was initiated to make the import process easier for importers and reduce time. In order to prevent the intrusion of mobile phone sets with duplicate or fake IMEI into the market, implementation of Equipment Identity Register (EIR) in the operators’ network is also in process.

Radio Equiment Importer and Vendor Enlistment Procedure

  • Application to the Chairman of BTRC
  • Updated attested copy of Trade License
  • Updated attested copy of IRC
  • Latest Income Tax Certificate & Receipt of submitted  
  • Income Tax Return
  • VAT Certificate
  • Bank Solvency Certificate
  • Proprietorship certificate/MOA & AOA/Registration
  • Certificate from RJSC
  • Biodata of Technical Person from their Company
  • Photograph of the Owner of  Company/Proprietor

Issuance of NOC for Wireless devices

For uninterrupted communication, there is no alternative other than using wireless devices. According to Act 55 of ‘Law on Telecommunication in Bangladesh’ the permission of using wireless equipment is provided from spectrum division of BTRC. Prior approval of BTRC is required to import radio equipment. The rules of importing wireless communication devices are in the website of BTRC. This division is working relentlessly to help these organizations who are working for the development of telecommunication and electronic media.     

NOC Processing Procedure for mobile phone importation 

  • Apply to the Chairman of BTRC
  • Pro-forma Invoice
  • Sample IMEI / MEID number
  • Previously Imported Handsets IMEI database
  • Quality Assurance Certificate
  • Manufacturing Certificate
  • Distribution Certificate
  • Specification Test Condition and test result
  • Brochure with Technical Specification
  • Battery Test Report
  • Warranty Card
  • Sample Handset Presentation with Bangla Key pad – Support 7/8 bit Unicode Standard – UTF16/UCS 2.